• Illinois & Missouri Wrongful Termination Lawyers

    Laid off for the wrong reasons? Being victimized by a disgruntled employee? Talk to the wrongful termination lawyers of Brunton Law Office to assess your claims and give you the best chance at a successful resolution of your case. Our locally-owned firm provides legal services to employees and employers when it comes to wrongful termination lawsuits. Whether you got fired or did the firing, Brunton Law may be able to help protect you or collect damages. If you’re being wronged in an employee termination situation, contact our office for an evaluation.

  • Wrongful Termination: Explained

    Wrongful termination is the term used to describe situations when an employee feels they have been wrongfully terminated from their job. As attorneys, we defend those that feel they have been wronged, which could mean the employer or the employee. When representing the employee, we may argue various reasons that the employer broke the law, discriminated against or committed a breach of contract by terminating you. When representing the employer, we defend against claims of wrongful termination when the employee was fired in a completely legal manner. Additionally, an employee may have a wrongful termination claim they’ve lost their job because of:

  • • Making a workers’ comp claim or exercising rights under workers’ compensation laws

    • Joining a union or engaging in union-related activity

    • Be chosen to serve jury duty

  • • Blowing the whistle on improprieties within the company

    • Refusal to commit crimes or violate public policies.

    • Age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation

  • Please contact our staff with your questions about employment law and wrongful termination.

  • Collection of Damages

    If you’ve been fired illegally and need help, Brunton Law might be able to collect damages depending on your specific situation. We know these are difficult times – losing employment could be emotionally disturbing for anyone. Additionally, there are matters of wages and legal fees to consider too. Depending on the case, we may be able to collect damages for:

  • • Lost Wages

    • Back Pay

  • • Legal Fees

    • Emotional Distress

  • • Punitive Damages

  • How Can Brunton Help?

    Brunton Law Office aggressively pursues compensation for those that have been wrongfully terminated by their employees. On the other hand, we can also use the law to fight back if you’re an employer that’s being wrongfully accused of illegal termination. Contact our office for an evaluation of your claims, and our lawyers will present you with the best options for pursuing your claims.

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