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All About Workers Compensation in Collinsville, IL

Workers Compensation

Have you recently become injured at work and qualify for workers’ compensation? Do you now have questions as to how it works? Well, with workers’ compensation, there are a couple of different types of benefits that you can receive. We will also be able to tell you how they are paid and who is paying you the benefits.

Types Of Benefits

Please note that there are three types of benefits that you can receive from workers’ compensation, these are medical and hospitalization benefits, disability benefits, and even vocational benefits. They each have different areas that they cover and below, we will cover each of them.

Workers Compensation

Medical/ Hospital

Medical/hospitalization benefits are as simple as it sounds. When you become injured at work and require medical attention, worker comp will pay for your medical expenses, like the treatments and any other medical attention, or tools that were needed.


Workers’ compensation can also provide disability benefits. These benefits are for when you are unable to work, so you cannot make your earning. They can pay you 2/3 of your average weekly pay if you are totally disabled for a certain amount of time, and if you are still able to work but not to the full capacity that you were before your injury you are able to get some type of workers comp still.

Workers Compensation


Vocational benefits are if you can no longer perform the work you did before your injury due to your injury. This type of benefit will pay for anything that will help you find a new job. It could be a resume, job training, job placement, or even interview services.

Paying For Benefits

Well, it really depends on who your employer uses as their insurance company. This is because the insurance company is responsible for paying your workers’ compensation benefits to you, and not your actual employer. You can receive your workers’ comp benefits within a 15-day period of the due date or after they are awarded. Know that it is important that you must make the claim within two years of the incident for it to be eligible.

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