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Mistakes When Filing For Workers Compensation in Belleville, IL

Workers Comp

Are you aware of how difficult it can be to file for workers’ compensation when you do not have a lawyer? When you file for workers’ compensation, there is a lot of tedious information you need to fill out. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, and you can make mistakes that may prevent you from getting workers’ comp. These can include not reporting the injury, not seeking treatment, not keeping records, and even doing the process alone.

Workers Comp


It is important that once your injury happens, you need to report it to your employer as soon as possible, so they know. Writing it down is always a good option for this, and make sure that you keep a copy for yourself as well. When you wait or do not report the injury at all you will have problems seeking the benefits you may need. This is because your injury may be seen as not so important, or it may not even have happened at work, and this can result in less compensation.


It is also important that after your injury you seek treatment to help you recover. If you do not get treatment for your injuries, you may not be able to receive the benefits, and the same goes for not listening to the doctor. The doctor may tell you that you cannot return to work, and you should listen to them. If you want to receive your workers’ comp, then it is best that you take the injury seriously and follow all steps to get your rightful compensation.

Small Mistakes

There are other small mistakes that you can make when filing that may give red flags or prevent you from getting the correct compensation. Another one would be not keeping accurate records. It is very important that when you are injured in your workplace, you should keep all accurate and detailed information. Important information can be the days you were unable to work, medical expenses, or any other expenses for medical attention.

Workers Comp

Also, make sure that you do not file alone! It is so easy to make a mistake when you are filling out so much information. You may miss a step or give incorrect information, and this can lower your chances of receiving your compensation. It is in your best interest to call our Brunton Law office in Belleville, Illinois for help on filing your workers’ compensation claim. If the claim is even denied, we could help you in the appeal process to ensure you get what you need.

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