• Work Injuries: Burns, Scars & Disfigurement

    While the physical pain of the actual injury can be tough to bear, some workers experience difficulties even after the physical pain wears away. What we’re talking about is the emotional stress that takes place when an injured worker is left with burn marks, scars or disfigurement due to a traumatic injury on the job. Even just looking in the mirror can mean reliving one of the scariest and most trying times of that person’s life. You don’t have to suffer through this without the help you need. At Brunton Law, we understand the emotional stress of living life with noticeable scars, burns or disfigurement, and we fight to get workers all over the Metro East compensation for their injuries.

  • How to Deal with Scarring & Disfigurement

    With visible scars or disfigurement, the memories of your accident or injury can follow you around for years, even the rest of your life. At Brunton Law Office, we want to ensure that you live out your life unaffected by the scars and trauma of this emotional time. Our attorneys work with you, one-on-one, to understand the full nature of your injuries, and the effect it has on your personal life. Disfigured or scarred workers may have trouble going out in public or performing certain tasks because of their scars. Don’t just sit around and struggle with these issues. Call our offices and get the emotional and financial compensation that your injuries call for.

  • Common Causes of Scars, Burns or Disfigurement

    It’s impossible to avoid things that may cause physical harm, especially in occupations that involve manual labor or heavy machinery. Any of the following injuries may cause permanent burn marks, scarring or disfigurement:

  • • Electrocution

    • Fire

    • Explosion

    • Construction Accidents

  • • Ruptured Electrical Lines

    • Ruptured Gas Lines

    • Car Accidents

  • • Machinery Accidents

    • Ladder Accidents

    • Scaffolding Accidents

  • Call Brunton Law With All Your Workers’ Compensation Questions

    If you have a workers’ comp claim or have endured physical and emotional scarring because of an on-the-job accident, call Brunton Law Office for the representation you need. Our lawyers work with you to understand the nature of your injury and win the compensation that you deserve.

    Brunton Law assists with workers’ compensation in, both, Illinois and Missouri. Follow these links for more info about state workers’ comp laws – IL Worker’s CompensationMO Workers’ Compensation

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