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What You Should Know About Proving Fault in a Car Accident.

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How to Prove Fault in a Car Accident

One of the most important things you can do when you’re involved in a car wreck is to protect your right to claim compensation for the financial damages you’ve suffered. When you opt to pursue a claim, you’re going to have to let the court and the jury know what happened. You will need to prove who was at fault in the crash if you have to stand before a Columbia, IL jury.

Purpose of a Personal Injury Claim

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A personal injury lawsuit can help you to recover the financial damages that you suffered in the crash. This includes the money that you’ve had to pay for medical care. It can also encompass lost wages, personal care assistance, and home modifications if they were necessary due to the impact of the crash.
When your personal injury attorney files your claim with the court, they need to outline what happened. This includes showing that the defendant is liable for the effects of the injury. One way to tie them to the wreck is to show that the issue was the driver’s fault.

Proving Fault in Illinois

When you’re at the scene of the wreck, be sure to gather whatever evidence you can safely get. This includes taking pictures of the scene so you can show what happened. The police report and witness statements also play a role in proving fault.
Sometimes, accidents are so complex that they require you to have a reconstruction of the scene. A technician can handle this in an effort to show exactly what happened and explain why the fault is placed on the other driver.

Catastrophic Injuries

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Many car wreck injuries are catastrophic. Spinal cord injuries and brain damage are possible. You might also have neck pain, back pain, broken bones, bruises, and internal organ damage. The cost of these injuries isn’t limited only to immediate expenses. Instead, you have to look at what expenses you might have in the future. These must be included in your claim.
By naming the liable party as the defendants, you have a better chance of recovering the money you need to help put you back on your feet. Brunton Law Office is here to help you with the legal aspects of the matter. Our compassionate professionals are ready to get started right away.