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What is Causing Your Neck and Lower Back Pain After A Car Accident in Collinsville, IL


The roads we drive on can be wildly unpredictable places, and the roads in Collinsville, IL are no exception. While most drivers are responsible and will not drive distracted, others are negligent and can cause you to get into an accident. When you get into an accident, the sudden jolting and jerking of your car can cause significant injuries to your lower back and neck. Here we will be discussing more information on these kinds of injuries from car accidents.

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The Cause of The Injuries

The extent of the injuries all comes down to the speed and force of the collision. When the collision occurs, it jolts the occupants of the vehicle forward and backward. The human body can withstand this force, however not without any kind of damage to the alignment of the spine, bones, or muscles. Do not expect to walk from a car accident in Collinsville, IL without any kind of injury at all.

The Most Common Types of Injuries Received from a Car Accident

Easily the most susceptible parts of the body to be injured from a car accident are the neck and back. That send force from the collision can cause damage to the neck and spin causing damage. Whiplash can cause prominent injuries during a car crash. Some examples of other injuries that can result from neck and back injuries include:

  • Dislocated Joints: Whenever the spine surfer misalignment, it can cause the joints to be dislocated. When they are dislocated, they can swell up and restrict your movement.
  • Brain Injuries: Brain injuries like concussions and headaches are common types of brain injuries when you experience whiplash from a car accident. The pain can be ongoing or short-term.
  • Spinal Stenosis: If the car accident is violent enough it can severely damage the spine. Spinal stenosis occurs when the channel that holds the spinal cord and its nerves receives pressure from a ruptured disc or a bone fragment pushed against the space. This can lead to permanent physical damage like paralysis.

Getting Ahold of an Attorney

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If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important that you seek out a personal injury attorney immediately. A professional personal injury attorney will help you fight for compensation for your injuries from the guilty party. Get the money you deserve from the injuries you received.

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney who can fight for you after you receive injuries from a car crash in Collinsville, IL, give our team over at Bruton Law Offices a call today!

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