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What Constitutes Pain and Suffering in Collinsville, IL

Accident Injury
Pain & Suffering

You might suffer several physical injuries when injured by another party. Additionally, you can suffer significant financial losses from lost wages, medical charges, travel expenditures, and fees for personal care. A personal injury attorney in Collinsville, IL can help you document all your damages to help you get a fair settlement for your personal injury claim. It is difficult to document pain and suffering damages as it can be hard to measure the value of your suffering. Some may not be aware of what even qualifies as pain and suffering damages.

What Does Pain and Suffering Damages Cover?

Pain and suffering damages are the noneconomic damages that are a direct result of the injury or accident. A majority of people think more about the emotional distress and physical pain aspects; However, pain and suffering damages include more than just that.

Emotional Damage

Accident and personal injury victims can often go through great psychological anguish. Anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares can occur. Clinical depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) may also develop in the victim. To help alleviate the emotional discomfort and mental trauma brought on by an accident, some victims therapy, counseling, or take medication.

Physical Discomfort

Pain and discomfort are typically felt by someone who has had a physical injury. The more severe the injury, the more severe the pain will usually be. Other factors that can increase the value of this damage include having to go through physical therapy, having surgery, and long recovery periods just to name a few.

Disfigurement and Scarring

Severe mental anguish and physical pain can come from the disfigurements, scarring, and amputations caused by the injury. Victims might feel a level of embarrassment from their disfigurement and scarring to the point that they might want to dissociate. To treat the injuries, they may also need numerous painful treatments and operations, as well as other kinds of rehabilitation.

Permeant Disabilities

Accidents may leave a person with permanent disabilities and limitations. Brain injuries or any kind of spinal cord injury that would result in paralysis are just a couple of examples of injuries that would cause permanent disabilities for the victim. Along with recovering compensation for their financial damages from the disability, the victim is also entitled to compensation for their disability.

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Loss of Pleasure with Life

The accident can cause a significant drop in the victim’s enjoyment and quality of life. They may be unable to care for themselves or their family, or even just enjoy their typical activities after the accident. Both physical impairments and emotional distress can play a part in the decrease of the victim’s quality of life.

Have you or someone you know suffered an accident that has caused significant pain and suffering? Call our expert team at Brunton Law Office and we can help you document your noncomic damages today.

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