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Types of workplace discrimination to watch for in Fairview Heights, IL

Employee Rights Fairview Heights IL

Be aware of these types of employment discrimination

Employees have a right to work without having to worry about being discriminated against. Workplace discrimination is troubling because it makes the workplace hostile and can have a negative impact on employee morale. This occurs when the protected status has been violated by an employer. If you’re aware of a situation like this, you need to speak with an employment law attorney.

Definition of a protected status

Protected status is a situation or scenario that the law says can’t be a reason for employment actions. Race, gender, ethnicity, and religion are some that are commonly cited when discussing this aspect of employment law. Disabilities are also a protected status in employment law. Some laws are branching out even more and including sexual orientation as a protected status.

For women, pregnancy and breastfeeding fall under protected statuses. Employers can’t fire a woman because she is pregnant or has chosen to breastfeed her infant. Women should understand the special points that apply to these cases.

Types of discriminatory actions

There are many different types of discriminatory actions that can occur in the workplace. Saying negative things about the protected status is one, but this isn’t the limit. Other actions include anything that discriminates based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. A worker can even be a victim of discrimination if they overhear other workers making discriminatory remarks to each other.

Employment Discrimination Fairview Heights IL

Retaliation is forbidden

Obviously, adverse workplace actions like terminations, demotions, and pay cuts can’t lawfully happen due to discrimination. Many people don’t realize that employers can’t retaliate against employees who make complaints about discrimination. This means that an employee who speaks up about gender discrimination can’t be fired for making that complaint, as long as the complaint was made in good faith.

Status of person discriminating

Workplace discrimination is usually thought to come from a supervisor, but there are other people who might also discriminate. Employers must protect employees from discrimination from other workers, clients, vendors, and people with who the workers come into contact during a regular shift. This can be a challenge, but firm workplace rules and procedures must be in place.

From hiring to firing

Employers in Fairview Heights, IL can’t discriminate against employees or people who are putting applications for any protected status. This means that not hiring someone because of their race is just as bad as firing someone because of their religious preferences.

Anyone who feels they have been discriminated against in the workplace can take legal action. Working with a lawyer familiar with this type of employment law might help.

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