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  • An Explanation of Workers’ Compensation

    If you’re wondering what workers’ comp is, and how it applies to you, you’re probably not alone. Workers’ comp laws can be hard to understand. However, it’s how injured workers go about getting fairly compensated for injuries and the bills that arise because of them. Also, you must have been injured on the job or developed a serious illness because of your workplace to be eligible for workers’ comp payments. Additionally, the severity and nature of your injury will determine what type of benefits you receive. The different categories of benefits include temporary partial disabilities, temporary total disabilities, permanent partial disabilities, permanent total disabilities.

  • How to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Troy IL

    When you get injured at work, it’s up to you to start the workers’ compensation filing process. Waiting to file could mean a denial of your claim or other problems. Be sure to follow the correct steps to ensure you receive full compensation. Here are some things to keep in mind about filing for workers’ compensation:

  • • Your employer should be notified of the injury or illness as soon as possible. In Illinois, workers should notify the appropriate person within 45 days of an injury or 90 days of exposure to radiation. In Missouri, all injuries must be reported within 30 days.

    • After notification of the employer, it’s their turn to notify the workers’ comp administrator or insurance carrier that a claim has been filed. They review the claim and decide to honor it or deny it.

  • • After the claim is reviewed, workers’ comp payments should start, or your employer should provide a written explanation of why your claim was denied.

    • Upon denial of the claim, Brunton Law files for a hearing with the Workers’ Compensation Commission to prove the cause of your injury or illness.

  • Contact a workers’ comp lawyer at Brunton Law with your questions about the workers’ comp filing process.

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