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    While work injuries are common, some are more common or more serious than others. In fact, serious or traumatic injuries may have caused you to completely lose the ability to perform your job. In these cases, you’ll be deemed to have a total permanent disability, which is a category of workers’ compensation payments. With a Total Permanent Disability, you’ll completely lose the ability to do your job and are entitled to financial compensation to help pay bills while you can’t work. A total disability doesn’t just affect you, but it also affects your family and those that rely on you. Call the legal professionals at Brunton Law Office to pursue the financial relief that you need.

  • Temporary Disability v. Permanent Disability

    When it comes to filing workers’ compensation claims, there are different types of benefits that you may receive. As we just stated, when you completely lose the ability to do the job for which you’re trained, that’s considered a total permanent disability. However, those only account for a portion of the workers’ comp claims that we file. If your injury doesn’t rob you of the ability to do your job, you’re considered to have a temporary disability. Disability payments are paid based on how much you earn and how often you work. Temporary payments are often lower due to the fact that workers’ are expected to resume job responsibilities in a certain period of time as recommended by a physician.

  • What Constitutes a Total Permanent Disability?

    A total permanent disability could be caused by any number of accidents that may occur in the workplace. Injuries of this severity are more common in workplaces that involve the use of heavy machinery, tools or materials including construction zones, warehouses, machine shops, factories, etc. These injuries may include:

  • • Brain Injuries

    • Neck Injuries

    • Back Injuries

    • Quadriplegia

  • • Paraplegia

    • Burns

    • Electric Shock

  • • Vision Loss

    • Hearing Loss

    • Disfigurement

  • • Fractures

    • Amputations

    • Nerve Damage

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