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The Different Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available in Edwardsville, IL

the types of workers' compensation benefits Edwardsville, IL

Work-related injuries can be physically and financially devastating for people working in the Edwardsville, IL area. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance exists to provide financial protection and support to injured workers. Workers’ compensation benefits vary depending on the nature and severity of the injury, but they generally fall into several categories. In this blog, we will delve into the different types of workers’ compensation benefits available to employees.

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits are perhaps the most crucial aspect of workers’ compensation. These benefits cover all necessary medical expenses related to the workplace injury. This includes doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medication, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Injured workers are typically not required to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for these medical services, ensuring they receive the care they need without financial strain.

Wage Replacement Benefits

Wage replacement benefits aim to provide financial support to employees who cannot work due to their injuries. There are two main types of wage replacement benefits:

Temporary Total Disability (TTD): TTD benefits are designed for workers who are temporarily unable to work but are expected to recover fully. These benefits typically cover a percentage of the worker’s pre-injury wages, helping them make ends meet while they heal.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD): PTD benefits come into play when an injury leads to a permanent disability, preventing the worker from returning to their previous job or any other form of gainful employment. These benefits provide long-term financial support to those with significant impairments.

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) Benefits

When a worker can return to work in a limited capacity or perform different tasks that pay less than their previous job, TPD benefits can bridge the income gap. These benefits typically cover a percentage of the wage loss due to the reduced earning capacity.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

In some cases, a worker may require retraining or vocational rehabilitation to acquire new skills and re-enter the workforce after a severe injury. Workers’ compensation may cover the costs associated with vocational training, counseling, and job placement assistance.

Death Benefits

Tragically, workplace injuries in Edwardsville, IL can sometimes result in fatalities. In such cases, workers’ compensation provides death benefits to the surviving family members. These benefits typically include funeral expenses and financial support for the deceased worker’s dependents, such as spouses and children.

Specific Loss Benefits

Specific loss benefits are provided for the loss of a specific body part or function, even if the worker can still work. Common examples include the loss of a limb, an eye, or hearing. The compensation amount is typically determined by the severity and type of loss.

Scarring and Disfigurement Benefits

Injuries that result in permanent scarring or disfigurement may qualify for additional compensation. The amount awarded varies depending on factors such as the location and extent of the scarring or disfigurement.

If you have any more questions about any of the different kinds of workers’ compensation benefits available to you in the Edwardsville, IL area, contact Brunton Law Office today!

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