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Summer injuries to avoid in O’Fallon, IL

Personal Injury Lawyer O'Fallon Illinois

The summer months in O’Fallon, IL are meant for fun in the sun. The cold winter months are gone, and the sunshine is plentiful. All the fun of the summer months comes with a risky side. There is a chance that you will suffer from an injury while you are having fun. Summer injuries can quickly end the summer fun. Here are some of the more common summertime injuries that you need to be aware of:

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are a very real hazard, especially for people who can’t swim. The law in Illinois requires that there is a fence around swimming pools that is at least 42 inches tall. This is done in an effort to keep children out unless they have adult supervision.

Drowning and near-drownings are serious events because they can greatly impact the victim’s future. In the case of drowning, the family members are left to pick up the pieces. In a near-drowning, brain injuries can occur. There is also a risk of spinal cord injuries if someone dives into an area that is too shallow.


Trampolines are another hazard, but they are a popular activity for many children. There is a risk of a person falling off of the trampoline, which can lead to a head or spinal cord injury. There is also a chance that a person might hit the metal frame and break a bone.

Taking the time to make sure that children are being safe when they are jumping and playing on the trampoline is imperative. Property owners should make sure that all of this is set up properly and that safety measures are taken.

Motor vehicle accidents

More people head out on the roads during the summer months. This means that you need to be extra careful as you drive. Motor vehicle accidents, whether they are with another personal vehicle or a big rig, can lead to serious injuries. One thing about driving during the summer months that you need to remember is that your safety depends partially on the actions of other people, so you have to be extra careful.

Pedestrians also need to be careful during the summer months. Wear clothing that makes you visible to drivers and remembers to follow the rules of the road.

If you are injured in an accident over the summer months, make sure that you seek medical care for those injuries. You might also opt to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover the money you have to spend to get the care you need. Contact Brunton Law Office for help from experienced personal injury lawyers.

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