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Is your Glen Carbon, IL property vulnerable to personal injury claims?

Personal Injury Laws Glen Carbon Illinois

If you own any kind of property, whether residential or commercial, you’re vulnerable to personal injury claims. An unlocked door to a swimming pool can result in a child’s death. A falling branch from an untrimmed tree or a piece of a building’s face can fall unexpectedly and hit a person. A wet floor can result in a dangerous slip and fall. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your property against personal injury claims.

Purchase appropriate insurance

An umbrella insurance policy can protect you against liability for personal injuries that customers, tenants, or others incur when on your property. The insurance policy should have a payment limit that’s sufficient for any possible injuries. An umbrella policy supplements your standard general liability policies, which typically do not cover all personal injury claims.

Maintain your property

You’re legally responsible for your property’s maintenance, which includes potentially dangerous areas such as stairways. Keep all public and private areas of your property fully maintained at all times and have regular inspections. An inspector may notice danger factors that you might miss, including electrical problems, issues with structural integrity, and slip-and-fall hazards. After you receive your inspection report, make all repairs mentioned in it. That report could serve as valuable evidence if there is an injury on your property and you become the defendant in a lawsuit.

Be prepared for all accidents

Accidents happen, no matter how well you’ve maintained your property. When one occurs, call for emergency help right away. As soon as you’ve done that, start to document the accident. Take witness statements, and collect contact information. If you own a business, prepare for this difficult moment by training your employees in a proper response.

Call a personal injury attorney

Your next call should be to your attorney. Your attorney will know which laws apply to your situation and can advise you if a personal injury lawsuit is filed. Talk to your personal injury lawyer as well about proactive legal steps you can take to protect your property and your employees.

If you’re facing a personal injury claim here in Glen Carbon, IL, you have far more at stake than the loss of money. An accident and injury at your business can cost you your company’s reputation or even the business itself. Talk to us about any issues concerning personal injury law, workers’ compensation, or any other legal issues that might affect your property.

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