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Benefits For Permanent Work Injuries

What happens if my work injury never heals? Are there other benefits available to me? Have these questions been pestering your mind? As you may know, you can become injured at work and apply for workers’ compensation, but there are other times when, unfortunately, you may not be able to recover from your injury. This is known as a permanent work injury, and there are extra benefits you can receive for this type of injury. It is good to know that workers’ compensation will usually cover medical costs and your work payments that you are not receiving due to being injured.

Permanent Disability Benefits

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What are permanent disability benefits? When you experience an injury on the job it may result in extra compensation that you can receive as workers’ compensation. You might qualify for this extra compensation if you have returned to work. Sometimes, however, you may not be capable of doing what you were beforehand and therefore you may not be making the equivalent of what you were before. There are a few different types of permanent disability. You may have partial or total, depending on which one it is you are eligible for certain types of benefits.

What is a permanent partial disability? Permanent partial disability or some form of permanent disability benefits are the extra benefits that you can receive upon your worker’s compensation if you find that your pain or injuries still persist and you did not recover fully from the initial injury at work.

There may be a time that you are completely unable to return to work. If you find this happening to you, then you may be eligible to claim permanent total disability.

Permanent Total Disability

In the state of Illinois, if you find yourself eligible for permanent total disability, you can receive up to 2/3 of your average weekly wage for the rest of your life. As well as adjustments towards your living expenses.

Ways you could be considered permanent total disability:

  • Losing both eyes
  • Losing both hands or feet
  • Or any other type of double impairment to eyes, arms, or legs
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If you have questions on whether you are or aren’t eligible to receive permanent disability benefits, call the Brunton Law Office in Collinsville, Illinois, for legal assistance. We will help you make claims and receive the benefits you need.