• Call Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for Permanent Impairment

    Some work injuries even go past being unable to work again. When workers are permanently impaired, this typically means that they’ve lost a limb or some sort of bodily function that a normal person would be expected to do. Examples of a permanent impairment would be quadriplegia or paraplegia. Additionally, these injuries can be especially difficult for family members and loved ones that now have to worry about paying for care and hospital bills the rest of their lives. Don’t go through this period of your life alone. Consult a local legal professional that will take the best interest of you and your family into account. At Brunton Law, we know the difficulties of these situations and make it our life’s work to fight for the rights of injured workers in our local communities.

  • The Difficulties of Permanent Impairment

    When it comes to permanent impairment, in most cases, the life of the victim will never be the same again. The injury may have left them without one or more limbs or senses, which makes everyday life more challenging than before. Furthermore, this situation puts considerable amounts of stress on the family as a whole. Someone who, prior to the injury, may have been a healthy and non-disabled individual, may now be confined to a wheelchair, or worse, to a hospital bed for the rest of their lives. This brings up the issue of paying for medical care, medicine, and more. At Brunton, we use our experience to ensure you get a fair amount of compensation to limit the negative effects that your injury has on those around you.

  • Permanent Impairment Injuries

    It’s impossible to know which injuries will cause permanent impairment and is mostly based on the severity of your specific injury. However, workplaces that feature heavy, dangerous machinery or manual labor have the biggest risk of producing injuries that cause permanent impairment. Permanent impairment may arise as a result of:

  • • Brain Injuries

    • Spinal Cord Injuries

    • Paralysis

  • • Electrocution

    • Explosion

    • Vision Loss

  • • Hearing Loss

    • Fractures

    • Amputations

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