• Your Local Workers’ Comp Lawyers for Occupational Disease

    When we think of workers’ compensation, we think if physical injuries that, either, heal or cause permanent damage to the rest of our lives. However, workers’ compensation benefits aren’t exclusive to those that only have physical injuries. There are also benefits to be had for those that develop a disease or chronic ailment because of the workplace conditions they’re exposed to. From chemicals to unsafe air quality, a number of things at your job may have caused you to develop some sort of serious disease. If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness and think it’s because of your job, call Brunton Law Office for an honest evaluation of your claims!

  • How Do I Know My Occupation Caused It?

    Although, proving the link between any disease and occupation is difficult and exposed to heavy scrutiny from, both, employers and insurance companies. However, if Brunton Law takes your case, we’ll put our resources to work and find the right evidence to help you prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers work together with you to understand your job, the nature of your workplace, your disease and the link between all of them; only then will we be able to definitively prove that your workplace caused your disease.

  • Common Occupational Diseases

    While you may not have heard of them, occupational diseases are quite common depending on the workplace. However, some workplaces are more dangerous than others. Workplaces that feature the use of chemicals, asbestos or other particulates that degrade the air quality, have more of a chance of workers developing serious illnesses in connection. Additionally, some common occupational diseases include:

  • • Infections

    • Cancers

    • Organ Damage

  • • Chemical Burns

    • Carpal Tunnel

    • Repetitive Stress Injuries

  • • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    • Poisoning

  • Call Brunton Law if You Have an Occupational Disease Caused by Your Job

    Brunton Law Office offers the experienced representation needed to get compensation for occupational diseases that arise because of your workplace. Our lawyers are focused on success and proud to fight for the rights of workers in the in their local community. Don’t want, these are time-sensitive situations, and you must be deliberate when filing workers’ compensation claims. Call Brunton Law Office to get started with a consultation of your situation!

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