• Local Personal Injury Lawyers for Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries

    Motorcycle ownership can be appealing due to the lifestyle and freedom of the open road. However, motorcycles are also incredibly dangerous and involved in many crashes throughout Missouri and Illinois, every year. While wearing a helmet may decrease your chances of injury, it’s not required in the State of Illinois. Furthermore, if you’re a motorcyclist that’s been a victim of negligent or reckless motorists or you’ve been hit by someone on a motorcycle, call the Brunton Law Firm to evaluate your case. We’ll make note of all the details and fight for the compensation that the law entitles you to.

  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws

    When it comes to motorcycles, they're dangerous no matter what. However, they become even more dangerous for the rider if they neglect to wear a helmet, the risk of death from accident goes way up. At Brunton Law Office, we understand the risks involved in owning a motorcycle, and we use our knowledge of these laws to help with your case. If you’ve been hit or have hit someone while riding a motorcycle, you need the help of Brunton Law to hold the responsible parties accountable and win fair compensation for your injuries.

  • Illinois Helmet Law

    In the State of Illinois, there is no law requiring the use of a helmet safety device when operating a motorcycle.  Drivers and those that share the roadways should take extra caution as it pertains to motorcycles on the road.

  • Missouri Helmet Law

    By contrast, the State of Missouri makes helmets mandatory for all motorcycle riders in the state. When riding, be sure you understand where you’re riding and the laws that govern that state. Crossing from Missouri to Illinois means you’ll be free to ditch the helmet. However, crossing from Illinois to Missouri means you better strap your helmet on!

  • Call Brunton Law for Legal Assistance with Motorcycle Accidents

    There’s no time to wait if you’ve been injured by someone riding a motorcycle or while you were riding your own motorcycle. Accidents involving motorcycles have the potential to bring injuries or even death. At Brunton, we understand the nature of these accidents and how they can affect your life. Severe injuries are a possibility, and when you can’t work, you’ll need to be compensated for lost wages so you can pay bills and keep groceries on the table. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!

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