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Mistakes to avoid if you’ve been injured on the job in Collinsville, Illinois

Got injured on the Job and Looking for Attorney in Collinsville IL

Have you been injured? Avoid these mistakes…

Have you been injured on the job in Collinsville, IL? Are you thinking about filing a workers’ comp claim with your local personal injury attorney? Workers’ compensation is there to ensure the financial security of workers and their employers when someone gets injured. However, mistakes can be made that put your benefits in jeopardy. Furthermore, injured workers aren’t exempt from utility bills or providing for their families. Take a look at the following mistakes that you’ll want to avoid if you’re thinking about filing a workers’ comp claim against your employer!

report the injury collinsville illinois

Reporting Mistakes

These are some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to work injuries. Make sure you know the limits for reporting your injury – waiting too long could mean being disqualified for the benefits that you need. In the State of Illinois, workers have 45 days from the date of the accident to notify their employer that they have been injured. Likewise, workers exposed to radiation have 90 days to report this.

Not Seeking Medical Care

You’re not a doctor, and you won’t be seen as one. If you fail to receive proper medical care for your injury, it signals that maybe the injury wasn’t as bad as you’re claiming. This little piece of doubt could keep you from collecting benefits that are important to your family!

discuss your work related injury with a lawyer collinsville illinois

Skipping a Lawyer

If you’re preparing to make a workers’ comp claim, it’s imperative that you speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney before proceeding. They’ll understand the ins and outs of the process, and they’ll know who you should talk to, what you should say, and more.  This will help keep the process moving.

No Witnesses

If you’ve been hurt at work, it’s important to ensure that someone else knows about what happened. Whether it means finding someone who was close by and heart the incident or asking your security team for footage of the incident, the process is much easier if someone or something can corroborate your story.

Choose Your Doctor

In the State of Illinois, you have a right to choose your own doctor if you are injured on the job. In fact, you can choose two doctors, and your employer is required to cover the costs of those treatments in addition to any physicians that you’re referred to.