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Metro-East Injury Law: FAQ about the workers’ comp process

workplace comp lawyer metro-east area il

Here’s all you need to know about workers’ comp

workers’ comp law metro-east area il

When it comes to workplace injuries, these can be tough situations for any family. Many times, the injured worker struggles to buy food, pay medical bills, and more because of the inability to work. It’s essential to work with a workers’ comp attorney if you’ve been injured and your workers’ comp claim has been denied. However, many people aren’t fully informed about workers’ compensation. With that in mind, take a few moments to review these FAQs about the workers’ comp process and call our staff to schedule a consultation!

How much does a workers’ comp lawyer cost?

Nothing unless we win your case. We work on contingency, which means the fees are contingent on a positive result in your case. If your contested workers’ comp claim doesn’t result in payment, you don’t owe us anything.

When should I contact a workers’ comp lawyer?

It’s always smart to consult a legal professional from the beginning of the process. Consultation with a qualified workers’ comp attorney will ensure that you’re taking the right steps to file your claim. Additionally, it’ll be much easier to contest a denied claim if an attorney is involved from the beginning.

What are the rules about doctors?

Well, in the State of Illinois, an injured worker is allotted visits to two doctors of their choosing and any physician you’re referred to for specialist care. You should always visit an impartial physician and avoid doctors that are recommended by your employer.

How much will my claim be worth?

work injury law metro-east area illinois

This amount depends entirely on the nature of your case. More severe injuries require more intensive medical care, which raises the amount you may receive in benefits. Contact a workers’ comp lawyer for more about benefits and compensation.

What can I do to help?

You can ask around at work, see if there were any witnesses and ask if someone is willing to give a statement. These statements could go a long way in proving your claim.

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