Mediation Law

Are you facing a legal problem at your place of employment but haven’t considered the benefits of mediation? Mediation is an alternative to the lengthy and costly litigation process. Using mediation is beneficial not only for the employee but also for the employer.

Here at Brunton Law Offices, we are here to help the metro-east with any of their mediation issues for both employers and employees. Michael Brunton has over 30 plus years in the practice of employment law mediation. His cases are primarily handled through the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.

Mediation is the Best Alternative to Litigation

One of the most significant benefits of using mediation in employment law cases is that it can often keep an issue from entering litigation. Court cases can be expensive and lengthy, costing both employer and employee an excess of money and time. Another benefit of mediation is that it aims to resolve the situation before it ever has to go to court. Usually, these issues can be settled in only a single mediation session, providing a solution without a lengthy court case.
Mediation in Employment Law in Collinsville IL
Mediation Law in Collinsville IL

Mediation for a Variety of Labor and Employment Disputes

At Brunton Law Offices, our mediators can help with many different kinds of employment and labor disputes, including:
  • Labor disputes – To resolve strikes and other disputes between labor and management, mediation is a valuable tool. It can assist both sides throughout the process of collective bargaining.
  • Violations of employee rights – Mediation can help employers resolve employee’s right to privacy, infringement claims, family leave, medical leave, or reasonable disability accommodations.
  • Wrongful discipline or termination – Employees who believe that they have been fired without cause or inappropriately disciplined may turn to use mediation. This is to reach a fair settlement with their employer that addresses their professional and financial hardship.
  • Employee harassment and discrimination – Mediation can help employers and employees reach acceptable resolutions to claims of workplace discrimination and harassment. This can be based on disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, gender, sex, and other protected categories. Also, claims of retaliation for reporting a violation or filing a claim or complaint against an employer can be discussed.
  • Contract disputes – Mediation can resolve disputes over contracts for freelancers, temporary workers, employees, and other independent contractors. Issues commonly occur include breach of contract terms, late payments for work performed, and entitlement to benefits. Mediators can also help with unique issues related to executive and CEO contracts.
  • Hour and wage disputes – These types of disputes can include tips, commission, overtime pay, timely and full wages. Some disputes also involved the misclassification of an employee as being an independent contractor or vice versa.

How Can Brunton Help?

Mediation is a legal alternative to the costly and lengthy process of litigation and overall benefits both employee and employer. At Brunton Law Offices, we use our over 30 years of experience to make sure you are getting the best mediation service in the metro-east. Contact our office today for an evaluation of your claims, and our lawyers will present you with the best options for pursuing your claims.

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