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Large Vehicle Accidents in Construction Zones Granite City, IL

Automotive Accident
Large Vehicle Accident

There can be many different victims of large vehicle accidents like trucks and buses in construction zones, including construction workers, passengers, drivers, and more. If you happen to get injured in an accident like this in Granite City, IL and it was not your fault, you can hire an attorney to help you seek compensation. Here we will discuss what you need to know about seeking compensation for your injuries.

What an Attorney Needs to Prove

It is unrealistic to sue every involved party in large vehicle accidents for you to receive compensation. To create a solid case for your injury claim, there are things an attorney will need to prove first:

  • Causation: The party at fault must have caused the accident through their negligence. If a careless driver hits you because they are driving while distracted, that driver would be at fault.
  • Duty of Care and Breach of Duty: This is what the guilty party owed you. In cases like these, this is a fairly easy step to prove. Everyone operating a vehicle on the public streets is expected to follow the same traffic laws as everyone else. People who are careless of this duty of care have breached the duty and are considered to be careless.
  • Measurable Losses: You need to have exhibited major damages to seek compensation from the other party. If you have received physical injuries, then that would meet that factor. Getting injured in an accident does give you measurable losses.

The Damages Recoverable by An Injured Person in a Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury law

Once a defendant is deemed liable for your injuries, you can then seek out a recovery that is reasonable for the medical costs that were needed because of your injuries. This can even include ongoing or future medical expenses your doctor expects you to undergo. With you likely being unable to work, you can recover your lost income. If the injury was severe enough that you had to seek out a lower-paying less demanding job, you could also have a claim for a loss of earning capacity. There are also other types of compensation for permanent scarring and disfigurement, pain and suffering, and more. Your unique situation factor into how much compensation you will be receiving.

If you are looking for an attorney who can help you seek compensation with your injury claim, call our team over at Brunton Law Offices a call today.

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