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When it comes to your job, you need to be feeling your best to perform your best. If you’re suffering from knee, shoulder, or joint pain due to an injury you sustained at work, you need to call the lawyer at Brunton Law Office for help with the workers’ compensation process. Every workplace has its own set of occupational hazards that threaten the health of employees across the workforce. However, when one of those occupational hazards turns into an injury, you’re entitled to collect compensation while you can’t work. The cause and severity of the injury could affect the amount of benefits you’re owed. Workers’ comp isn’t just for physically taxing professions – many across the workplace report pain from knees, shoulders, elbows, and other joints.

Knees, Shoulders, Joints & Other Workplace Injuries

Common injuries that happen in the workplace occur in the knees, shoulders, and other joints. Depending on your occupation, this could seriously affect your ability to do your job. Consider the server who blows a knee out on a slick floor or a loading dock worker that falls off a ladder and is unable to work. In these instances, and other situations like them, people all over lose their ability to pay all sorts of bills because of injuries that happen at work. Call Brunton Law Office if you experience debilitating pain due to:

When to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Sometimes it’s hard to know what requires a workers’ comp claim and what is a more serious injury. However, it’s important to closely monitor any aches, pains, bumps, or bruises received at work. The important thing is to, first; bring the injury to the attention of your employer. In Illinois, you must provide this notification within 45 days of the injury or 90 days of exposure to radiation. In Missouri, you must notify your employer of any injuries within 30 days. After notification, the employer will file a claim with their insurance carrier or workers’ comp administrator and start paying for the appropriate category of benefits. However, your employer may also deny your claim for workers’ comp benefits.
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When to Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

It’s helpful to involve an experienced workers’ comp lawyer from the start. They can help you handle the process of filing a claim and represent your interests in the event that your claim is denied. At Brunton Law Office, we understand the value of determined representation when it comes to these matters. We’ll fight for your rights so that you can keep paying bills while you’re hurt.

Brunton Law assists with workers’ compensation in, both, Illinois and Missouri. Follow these links for more info about state workers’ comp laws – IL Worker’s Compensation – MO Workers’ Compensation

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