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What To Do After Experiencing a Work Injury in Belleville, IL


Were you injured in an accident at work and curious about what to do after? Work injuries are not super common, and most people are unsure of what steps to take afterward to make sure they get the best care. It is important that you relax and know that with the help of a lawyer, the steps into securing worker’s compensation are easy! We can show you every step necessary to make sure you are on the right track to getting the benefits that you may need and deserve. Everything you need to know is right below!



Report, report, report! After an injury occurs, the first step that is necessary is to report it to your employer immediately. It is important that they know this information so that you can get the most out of your worker’s compensation. If they are unaware of the situation, then they could deny your claim. They should also know because it is upon the employers to report this injury to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.


The next step to do after you report the injury to your employer is to obtain medical care. If you do not seek medical care this may raise red flags and look like your injury was not that serious, and in turn, you may not receive the rightful amount of compensation. When you get checked out, make sure that your doctor knows about the injury that happened at work and explain how it happened thoroughly, and where the pain is, and how bad it may feel.


Also note, that keeping accurate records is important too. This will help if there are any problems in obtaining the worker’s compensation, and you can use them to help with the appeal process if needed. Make sure that you record the dates you were unable to work, as well as the expenses that were medical, anything from treatment to copays.



You should also be sure to contact your lawyer for help. They can help protect your rights and make sure you have all the right evidence and information needed to ensure you will get the best out of your worker’s compensation claim.

Our lawyers at Brunton Law Office in Belleville, Illinois can assist you in every way possible to make sure you get the legal help you need from start to end.