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Here’s How Injured Workers can get help without pay in the St. Louis Area

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How Injured Workers can get help without pay in the St. Louis Area

December in the St. Louis area is beautiful, with Christmas lights all over town. This holiday can be the most wonderful time of the year. However, for injured workers all over the area, the holidays are met with uncertainty. Mostly how they’ll be able to afford to keep up with the hustle and bustle. Sadly for injured workers, some claim denials can’t be reversed. This may leave you without the resources you need to get through the winter. With that in mind, here’s a list of a few places you may look for assistance.

Friends & Family

It goes without saying; family and friends should be your first option for help if you need it. Furthermore, it may mean swallowing your pride, but it beats wandering the streets in search of food for you and your family.

Utility Assistance

Utility assistance programs are a great way to find help with vital repairs and maintenance to keep your heating and cooling systems running during this time. Programs like Heat up St Louis provide heating and cooling assistance to those who have trouble paying their bills due to injury, hardship, and more. This program, and others like it, may be able to help you get through until you can return to work or find another form of income.

Food Sources

volunteering at a food bank

If you’re unable to buy food, the only option for you is to find a food bank or food pantry. The size of your family, supply at that specific food bank, and much more. Visit St. Louis Area Food Bank’s website for more details about where you can receive support or how you can get involved.

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