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How to avoid injuries at work in Maryville, IL

In Maryville, IL, and Madison County in general, work injuries can result in long-term medical problems and expansive medical costs. Statistics indicate that thousands of employees a year get injured at their place of employment, and most of these injuries are avoidable. Personal injury lawyers will know how to help you if you get hurt due to the negligence of your employer, but you can avoid a lengthy lawsuit or convoluted workers’ compensation case by doing your best to avoid workplace injuries.

General safety-conscious behavior

One way to avoid injuries at work is to take the proper steps to stay safe in situations that you know will be dangerous. Wear a hard hat in construction areas and safety goggles if you work in an atmosphere that regularly involves mixing or working with toxic chemicals. Make sure boxes are stacked correctly and spilled liquids are cleaned up immediately so that you don’t inadvertently slip and fall. Finally, don’t do anything that would be considered unsafe, such as climbing onto shelving to retrieve products/equipment.

Manual labor employment v. office employment

Work Injuries in Maryville IL

Life-altering injuries can occur at your place of employment regardless of whether you work in a manual labor position or one that is sedentary in an office. Manual labor injuries often occur as the result of overexertion–trying to lift or move objects that your body cannot handle–or because of machinery that malfunctions. But office workers are just as prone to overexertion injuries as those who lift heavy products all day. In addition, personal injury lawyers work with many clients who have repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel or tendinitis.

Prevention is the to avoiding work injuries

While not all accidents at work can be avoided, such as a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, many other workplace accidents can be avoided by taking preventative measures. In Maryville, IL employers provide workers with standards of safety to follow. These standards might include:

  • Purchasing wrist supports or an ergonomic keyboard to reduce the chance of developing carpal tunnel
  • Storing boxes or equipment out of the way of areas that employees generally
  • Keeping the floors swept and mopped (dry) to avoid slips.
  • Using lift belts for positions that require a lot of heavy or repetitive lifting

If you have done all you can to avoid a workplace injury but have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, the personal injury lawyers at Brunton Law Office can help you realize your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve.