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How could your work injury affect your 2019 holiday season in Collinsville, Illinois?

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Here’s how injured workers are affected during the holidays

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As we’re coming up on the holiday season, people in the Collinsville, Illinois area are looking forward to spending valuable time with friends and family and taking part in holiday traditions and activities that help us create memories that we’ll hold dear for years to come. However, the holidays aren’t so rosy for everyone, including those that have suffered debilitating injuries and illnesses because of their job or job conditions. For those people, they and their families can be extensively affected by workers’ comp proceedings that may provide no relief. Read on for the ways in which a work injury could seriously ruin your holiday season.

Lack of Money

One of the biggest ways in which work injuries affect people is through the loss of income. Many times, workers are able to recover lost wages and money for medical treatments through the workers’ compensation system. However, depending on when the injury happened, those payments may not be coming in time to give your family the Christmas it deserves.

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Lack of Mobility

Another thing that could prove problematic is a lack of mobility during the holiday season. You want to play football on Thanksgiving and see lights on Christmas, but your work injury could have you confined to a wheelchair or even a hospital bed.  Unfortunately, your work injury may be holding you back from fully enjoying the fun activities of the holiday season.

Lack of Certainty

While some may be able to overspend on the holidays because they know they’re getting paid when they go back to work, some injured workers don’t have that luxury. They have to save everything they have due to income uncertainty.

Lack of Spirit

How would you feel if you went throughout the holiday season with little to no pay, no mobility to enjoy the seasons’ events, and no idea if you’ll be receiving benefits for your injuries? You’d probably be lacking a little holiday spirit too. This lack of spirit can be detrimental to an injured worker. People use the holiday season to recharge their batteries and use the merriment to boost their spirits for the coming year – things that may not be options for injured workers! The best thing that an injured worker can do during the holidays, contact your local work injury attorney in Collinsville, Illinois at Brunton Law Office.