• Get Legal Representation for Hit & Run Accidents

    Have you been injured by a coward that chose to flee the scene of the accident? If so, you’ve been the victim of a hit & run, and may be entitled to some financial compensation for your physical and emotional injuries. At Brunton Law Office, we aggressively pursue those who commit hit & run offenses. However, you must follow the right steps to be awarded legal compensation. A police report must be filed, and you must seek the proper amount of medical treatment. Additionally, you must not wait to act on this matter. Call Brunton Law for a consultation of your legal options!

  • Legal Options for Hit & Run Accident Victims

    As personal injury lawyers, we’ve seen these scenarios over and over again. There’s an accident, and for some reason, the driver at fault decides to leave the scene and take their chances with the law. If you’ve been hurt by a hit & run driver, Brunton Law offers qualified attorneys to take on your case and prove the cause of your injuries. Furthermore, these injuries may cause you to miss work, putting in jeopardy your ability to pay for bills, groceries, etc. Don’t sit around while the person at fault walks away unscathed; talk to the Brunton Law Office lawyers about the range of options you have.

    Reasons why drivers hit & run

  • • A Warrant for Arrest

    • Drug/Alcohol Use

  • • Lack of Insurance

    • Immigration Status

  • • Fear of Prosecution

    • Suspended License

  • Call Brunton for Legal Representation for your Hit & Run Accident

    If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence behind the wheel, call Brunton Law to start the process of recovering compensation for your injuries. Whether you were inside or outside the car, we may be able to collect financial compensation for you. Additionally, we even file wrongful death suits for the families of hit & run victims that don’t survive to see justice. We’ll fight for justice and the financial compensation that you deserve. Contact Brunton for hit & run accidents in Missouri or Illinois.

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