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Granite City, IL Injury Law: Workers’ Comp Terms Explained

Worker's Comp Terms Explained

Know these terms for your workers’ comp claims

Every day, people all over the country file for workers’ compensation due to injuries sustained on the job. However, this process isn’t exactly well-known, especially if you’ve never had to file a workers’ compensation claim before. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of workers’ comp terms that you should know if you need to file a claim. Read on for more details, and don’t forget that you can call the professionals at Brunton Law Office for answers to your workers’ comp questions.

Understanding your workers' comp terms

Workers’ Comp Terms

Workers’ Compensation – This is insurance that employers in the state of Illinois are required to have. It covers medical expenses and treatments for workers that are injured on the job or because of the conditions at their workplace.

Workers’ Compensation Commission – This is the governing body for all workers’ compensation cases. When a claim is denied, a hearing is scheduled with the WCC to decide on the worker’s eligibility for benefits.

Permanent Partial Disability – This is a permanent injury that is not total disabling. PPD benefits may include vocational training, monetary payments for medical bills, and more.

Permanent Total Disability – This is a permanent injury that totally disables a person from working at their job. These workers may be eligible for vocational training or even permanent disability payments for the rest of their life.

Temporary Total Disability – This is an injury that completely disables you from performing your job, but the condition won’t last forever. Examples include broken bones, torn ligaments, etc.

Temporary Partial Disability – This type of injury only partially removes the worker from his or her job duties. Additionally, these injuries are not expected to last long.

Workers’ Comp Lawyer – A workers’ comp lawyer is an attorney that specializes in fighting for the rights of injured workers. They help with the claims filing process and can represent you at a hearing with the workers’ compensation commission.

Overuse Syndrome – This is a common workplace injury. It’s actually the name for a range of diseases that affects everyone from office workers to construction workers. The most common of these injuries include carpal tunnel, golfers’ elbow, tennis elbow, and others.

Independent Medical Examination – You’re entitled to a medical exam by two doctors of your choosing and any doctors they refer you to. You should not use a doctor that has been recommended by your company to ensure an independent exam.

Vocational Rehabilitation – This means that your job is responsible for providing or paying for vocational training due to an injury that you suffered on the job.