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Filing Suit for Workplace Harassment in Clinton County, IL

workplace harassment lawsuits Clinton County, IL
Clinton County, IL work place harassment lawsuit legal advise

Any kind of workplace unwarranted workplace harassment is horrible to have to endure. It can not only affect your job but also leave you emotionally damaged. If you have ever suffered any harassment in the workplace, you have the right to file a lawsuit to stop the harassment so you can get back to your work peacefully. In this blog, we want to cover the details of your legal options to help you file a suit against the people harassing you in the workplace in Clinton County, IL.

Your Legal Options

You might have tried to get this person to stop harassing you in the workplace multiple times already and they have not stopped. You may have even turned to your employers to stop the harassment and they might have done nothing about it. When things like this happen, you have the right to hold the entire company accountable for your mistreatment and their failure to do anything about it. You might also be able to file suit since you work in a “hostile work environment”, for offensive and pervasive mistreatment. Some of the examples of a hostile work environments can include and are not limited to:

–         Sexual harassment

–         Racial discrimination

–         Discrimination because of pregnancy

–         Discrimination because of ethnicity

–         Threats, ridiculing, intimidation, and taunting

attorney taking workplace harassment cases around Clinton County, IL

It is important that once you start to notice the harassment that you start to keep a record of all incidents. Keeping a record of each incident will be helpful when you start looking at your options to file a suit and will help you build your case. Whenever you are filing suit, you can use this written documentation to good effect. It is also important to keep proof that you had spoken with your employer about your harassment and what happened in that conversation. Considering how complex employment laws can be in Clinton County, IL, it is important to remember that you never have to go at this alone. Hire an experienced attorney who will fight to ensure your rights are protected.

Are you experiencing workplace harassment in Clinton County, IL, and are looking for an expert attorney who can help fight for your rights? Give our team of legal professionals over at Brunton Law Offices a call today! Our team takes on many cases regarding harassment each year and we work our absolute hardest for our clients to ensure their satisfaction.

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