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Filing Lawsuits For Work-Related Injuries in Troy, IL

work accident

Are you wondering if it is possible to sue your employer after a work accident? In Troy, IL, unfortunately, that may not be possible. This technically all depends on the circumstances of the injury, how, and what happened, and your company’s policies. We can dive deeper into Illinois laws and what you could do if you really wanted to sue your employer for an injury that happened at work. We will even talk about third-party lawsuits and how these can be possible if you find yourself unable to sue your employer.

Work accident

Suing Your Employer

Like Illinois, for most, it is not possible to sue your employer as most injuries that occur in your work setting are handled under workers’ compensation. There is, however, in Illinois, the possibility of filing a personal injury claim in the event that the employer caused harm directly to you. This could be in the form of a fight, or something intentional. It is also possible to file a lawsuit if your place of work does not have worker’s compensation insurance. However, the chances of this being the case are slim to none. So, if you wanted to file your employer, remember it is going to be really hard. There are other choices for you if you wanted more than just your worker’s compensation.

Third-Party Lawsuits

Work accident

Like we just stated, even though the chances of you suing your employer are slim, it may be possible for you to file a lawsuit against a third party who may have been responsible for your injury. Third parties are anyone but your employer. For example, you can file a lawsuit against a product manufacture if your injury was a result of a tool you were using or machinery that may have been defective. It is also possible to sue a contractor, subcontractors, worksite owners, and even an automobile driver who injured you on your way to work. Do not forget to make note that along with your worker’s compensation, you can also file these third-party lawsuits if it is deemed necessary to you and your injuries.

If you find yourself injured in a work accident, do not hesitate to call our Brunton Law Office in Troy, Illinois if you feel you need to file a lawsuit against a third party or have any problems with your worker’s compensation. We can assist you in all your legal needs.

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