• Workplace Injury Lawyers in Edwardsville IL

    Have you sustained a workplace injury? Have you developed a serious illness because of your job? Find your local workers’ comp lawyers to fight for your rights as a worker. At Brunton Law Office, we provide legal assistance for injured workers in Edwardsville, Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas. As a locally-owned firm, we take pride in helping out local workers in our community when they get hurt at work. We know these situations are tense, and we want to ensure you and your family are taken care while you aren’t earning a paycheck. Additionally, we offer over 50 years of combined legal experience to serve you best. Call to schedule a free initial consultation!

  • Workers’ Compensation: Explained

    When you sustain a workplace injury and can’t work, how do you pay the bills that keep on coming? Actually, workers’ comp laws exist to ensure injured workers get compensated to pay for medical bills, utility bills and more. Also, workers’ comp only applies to injuries and illnesses that developed or happened while at work – your tumble down the basement stairs at home won’t cut it. Payments are determined based on your injury and the severity of the injury among other factors. Be sure you’re taking the right steps when filing your workers’ compensation claim. Read on to ensure you’re taking the right steps!

  • Filing for Workers Compensation in Edwardsville IL

    If you’ve suffered a workplace injury or illness, don’t wait to file your claim. These are time-sensitive situations, and delaying could mean a denial of your claim. The general workers’ comp process is as follows:

  • • Tell your employer right away if you been injured, or a developed an illness, as a result of your job. The state of Illinois requires notification of the employer within 45 days for regular injuries and within 90 days of exposure to radiation. Missouri requires notification within 30 days.

    • Next, your employer should notify the worker’s comp administrator or their insurance carrier to notify that a claim has been filed. They will determine your eligibility for benefits.

  • • If you’re eligible, your employer will begin workers’ comp payments. However, if the claim is denied, they must provide written notification of why the claim was denied.

    • If the claim is denied, we file for a hearing with the Workers’ Compensation Commission to prove your injuries were caused by the workplace.

  • Don’t hesitate to call our office with your workers’ comp questions. We’ll inform you about the claims process, seeking medical care and more.

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    We’re proud to provide legal assistance to ill and injured workers in Edwardsville, IL and throughout the surrounding Metro East communities. Furthermore, our office is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm, and we invite you to call and schedule your consultation. Don’t wait if you’ve sustained a workplace injury; call Brunton Law to start your claim!

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