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Dose Workers’ Compensation Cover Slip and Fall Accidents in Troy, IL

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Slip and Fall Compensation

One of the most common types of accidents that can occur in the workplace in Troy, IL are slip and fall accidents. Trips or slips can happen more often depending on your line of work, where you are located, or the time of year it is. You might slip on some water when working at a pool, or you could split outside in the parking lot on some ice. One question many people have about slip and fall injuries at work is if they are covered by workers’ compensation. Here we will be discussing that and more information about workers’ compensation and slip and fall accidents.

Workers’ Compensation for Slip & Fall Accidents

A large majority of workplace accidents are covered by workers’ compensation. Many, however, do not realize this, as they believe that the slip and fall would be seen as their own fault and would therefore not make them eligible to claim workers’ compensation. Others might try to avoid bringing up their slip and fall, choosing to do nothing about it and ignore it to avoid embarrassment. It is important to put aside any personal feelings or worries you may have about your slip and seek workers’ compensation benefits in order to help you pay for your medical expenses. That way your medical expenses can be covered, and you can return to work as soon as you are ready.

No-Fault System

no-fault system claim

Another thing that many workers in Troy, IL are unaware of is that workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. This is something that many employers do not explain to their employees very clearly. This means you are eligible to file a claim after you suffer an injury from a workplace accident, even if it really was your fault. In order to be eligible, however, the injury needs to have been caused by a legitimate accident and cannot have been intentional and you cannot have put yourself in a situation or area that would put you at risk.

You do not have to handle this all alone. If you are looking to file a workers’ compensation claim after your slip and fall accident at work in Troy, IL, give our team of expert attorneys over at Brunton Law Offices a call today! Our team of legal professionals will assist you with the process of filing for workers’ compensation so you can get the compensation you deserve.

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