• Denied Insurance Claims Assistance

    Have you ever waited for a settlement for an insurance claim only to be denied the benefits that you’re owed? This is common. In fact, insurance companies make money by taking in more premium payments than money given out in claims. Whether it’s your insurance company or the insurance company of someone else, Brunton has two qualified attorneys that may be able to help settle your claims and collect the benefits that you need. Don’t wait to demand what’s rightfully yours – contact Brunton Law Office for an honest evaluation of your claims. We handle all sorts of insurance claims including:

  • • Car Insurance Claims

    • Health Insurance Claims

  • • Life Insurance Claims

    • Disability Insurance Claims

  • • Workers’ Compensation Claims

    • Homeowners’ Insurance Claims

  • Why Do Insurance Claims get Denied?

    There are various reasons that an insurance claim may be denied. However, the reason your claim is denied will determine your likelihood of collecting on that denied claim. Furthermore, reasons the insurance claims get denied include:

  • • The adjuster thinks the claim is false or untrue

    • Failure to pay premiums

  • • Policy Exclusions

    • Policyholder didn’t notify the insurer in time

  • Options for Denied Insurance Claims

    When you receive a denied insurance claim, it can be devastating and incredibly frightening. We rely on our insurance companies to help us through tough times – that’s why we pay premiums. However, your options depend on the reason your claim was denied. If you think your claim has been wrongfully denied, there are a few options. First, you can accept the denial. If the claim was denied due to policy exclusions or a policy lapse, you may not have a very good chance and recovering benefits. Your second option is to fight the claim yourself, which may prove ineffective without the help of a legal professional. Lastly, you can choose to hire an experienced lawyer to take on the insurance company and fight for what you deserve. Here are the basic steps to challenging any denied claim:

  • • First, we send a demand letter to make it known that you’re not going to accept the denial and make demands for what you’re owned under your policy.

    • Next, we’ll follow any and all steps of the insurance companies appeal process.

    • If the appeal is still denied, that’s when we consider filing a lawsuit to recover what your policy entitles you to.

  • Denied Claim? Call Brunton Law Office at (618) 307-4263

    Brunton Law proudly represents those with denied insurance claims throughout the Metro-East Area. Our locally owned firm understands that you rely on your insurance, and we may be able to help you recover benefits that are rightfully yours but haven’t been paid. If you think you’ve been wronged by an insurance company, there’s no time to wait around. Contact the professional staff at Brunton to schedule a consultation of your claims.


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