• Local Representation for Construction Job Injuries

    If you work in a construction zone, you understand the serious and hazardous nature of the job that you do. However, just because your job is dangerous, that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer through injuries that make it difficult to work and pay your bills. At Brunton Law Office, we fight for the rights of construction zone workers in Collinsville, IL and throughout the Metro East. If you’ve been hurt at work, in any way, we may be able help you receive fair compensation for any injuries that you’ve sustained. We help workers from all facets of the construction industry including commercial, residential and even highway and union construction workers.

    Common Construction Accidents

    If you’ve received a debilitating injury due to one or more of the following accidents, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Contact our staff if you’ve experienced:

  • • Ladder Accident
    • Scaffolding Accident
    • Forklift Accident

  • • Crane Accident
    • Equipment Negligence
    • Electrocution

  • • Heavy Machinery Accident
    • Structural or building Collapse
    • Construction Zone Accident

  • Are Highway Construction Zone Workers Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

    Yes, highway construction zone workers have the same right to financial compensation as anyone else who’s injured on the job. Due to the high speeds of the vehicles on the highway and the dangerous nature of the job, it’s especially important to follow posted speed limit signs to avoid fines and even jail time in the event that a worker is injured. These situations can be complicated, and they become even more complicated when multiple drivers are involved. We know how to navigate these issues and work to collect damages from any liable parties for the victims of construction zone collisions, and we file wrongful death suits on behalf of the surviving families.

    What to Do If You’re Injured at Work

    If you’ve been injured at work, make sure to follow the right steps when it comes to your workers’ compensation claim. The process of filing for and procuring benefits should include the following steps:

    • The employee should inform the employer of the injury, no later than 45 days in Illinois or 30 days in Missouri following the injury.
    • In Illinois, for injuries that result from excessive doses of radiation, the employee has 90 days to notify the employer of the injury.
    • After receiving notice of the injury, the employer should notify the insurance carrier or workers’ comp administrator.
    • The employer must immediately begin TTD (temporary total disability) payments or provide the employee with a written explanation of what information they need or why their claim is being denied, if applicable.
  • What To Do If your Workers’ Compensation Claim Gets Denied

    If your claim for workers’ comp benefits is denied, there are a number of steps you can take to further pursue financial compensation. First, get in touch with a trusted workers’ comp lawyer to represent you throughout the proceeding and ensure that no important steps get overlooked. Furthermore, simply filing a claim won’t actually cause anything to happen. You must request the proper hearings in order to have your case heard. At Brunton Law Office, we understand the process inside and out and know how to win for you!

    Brunton Law assists with workers’ compensation in, both, Illinois and Missouri. Follow these links for more info about state workers’ comp laws – IL Worker’s CompensationMO Workers’ Compensation

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