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  • What is workers’ comp? How do I file in Bond & Fayette County IL

    All employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance per the State of Illinois, regardless of the number of employees. Specifically, this insurance covers injuries and illnesses that occur at the workplace or because of working conditions. To qualify, an employee must have sustained an injury or illness that can be proven happened because of the workplace. The general filing process is:

  • • Notify your employer within at least 45 days of the injury or within 90 days of exposure to radiation.
    • Your employer will notify their insurance company or workers’ comp administrator to report the claim.
    • Next, if your claim is accepted, you’ll begin to receive payments. If denied, your employer must provide written reasoning.
    • Last, we’ll file a hearing with the Workers’ Compensation Commission to prove your eligibility.

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  • The Local Personal Injury Lawyers in Bond & Fayette County IL

    We take pride in assisting people all over with their workers’ comp claims. However, that’s not all we do. We also offer personal injury law assistance for those that have been hurt at the fault of someone else. Whether there was intent or negligence is the cause, we may be able to pursue damages that help keep food on the table, pay medical bills and more. Don’t suffer because of someone else’s mistake, contact Brunton for a consultation of your personal injury claims!

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