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Collinsville, IL Injury Law: Common Winter Auto Accidents

Avoid These Common Winter Auto Accidents

The winter season allows us to enjoy our favorite cold-weather activities. Whether that be the holiday season and all that it brings, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding, or something else, it’s easy to look forward to the winter holiday. However, It’s also easy to get into car accidents for numerous reasons. You’d rather be enjoying the company of your loved ones than going through the legal proceedings that car accidents bring, wouldn’t you? Here are some of the most common causes of winter auto accidents, and how you can avoid them!

Slick Roads

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This one could probably go without saying, but we’ll include it anyway. Ice, snow, freezing rain, any winter weather could cause the roads to become slick, which increases hazards for drivers. Be sure you’re adhering to speed limits, following rules, and allowing yourself extra time to stop at lights and signs to avoid crashes because of icy roads.

Bald Tires

bald tires collinsville il

You may be doing all you can to drive safely, but if your tires are bald, it’s not going to matter very much. Always inspect your tires before the winter hits to ensure you’ve got the best traction possible when driving on slick roads.

Poor Visibility

winter auto accidents collinsville il

Ice and frost-covered windshields can decrease visibility and make reaction times slow. Avoid problems with visibility by completely clearing your windshield, windows, and mirrors before embarking on any trip. Letting your car warm up helps, as well as using a window deicer and a window scraper tool.

Other Drivers

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So you’re driving safely, you’ve let your windows defrost, and your tires are new. So, why did you get into an accident? While we can be as safe as possible, we can’t stop others from driving dangerously and succumbing to the slick conditions of winter roads. Some accidents you can’t avoid, but you can pursue fair compensation for injuries and damages sustained.

Distracted Driving

distracted driving collinsville il

While this isn’t necessarily a winter driving problem, it can become exacerbated during the wintertime when conditions are most dangerous. Be sure you’re paying attention to the road, and only the road, to avoid auto accidents in the wintertime.

Snow Banks

snow banks collinsville il

Snowbanks are those large deposits of snow that get left on the road by snowplows. They blend in with the rest of the scenery and can be hard to see until right before you plow into one. Be wary of snowbanks on the side of the road and intersections where the buildup can be most common.

Have you been hurt in a winter auto accident? Call Brunton to evaluate your legal claims and help you through this difficult time!

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