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Common office injuries in Collinsville, IL

office injury collinsville illinois

Stay safe while you’re at work!

People tend to think that people who work in an office environment have a safer job than people who work in other environments. It might shock Collinsville, IL citizens to know that there are some very serious hazards that one can experience in an office.

Many office injuries come from the repetitive motions that these jobs involve; however, workers must avoid a number of dangerous scenarios that threaten their health in the workplace.

A shocking fact about falls

Falling is the most common type of accident that happens in an office setting. Shockingly, an office worker is 2 to 2.5 times more likely to have a debilitating injury from a fall than someone who works in the field.

The hazards that can lead to falls are present everywhere in an office. Of the common safety issues in an office, workers must pay attention to cords on the floor, open filing drawers, and even loose pieces of carpeting.

Furthermore, falls aren’t limited to those that occur when standing. Office workers might fall out of a chair or off a bench while they are sitting.

Cumulative trauma injuries

Office workers may be assigned to a number of tasks which include keyboarding, standing for long periods, sitting for long periods, etc. All of these can lead to cumulative trauma injuries. Cumulative trauma injuries occur due to multiple injuries that add up over time. We also refer to these injuries as “repetitive stress injuries.”

Oftentimes, cumulative trauma injuries start out as nuisances and slowly progress to debilitating injuries. This makes them particularly troublesome; they usually worsen over time and require more intensive treatment.

Preventing injuries takes teamwork

Preventing these common office injuries requires that the employer provide the employees with the tools they need to remain safe. This includes providing proper lighting, ergonomic supplies, and on-the-job safety training.

There are strict time limits that you must comply with in Illinois. If you are an injured worker, be sure to adhere to the time limits of the workers’ compensation law. Worker’s comp may cover medical care or provide partial wage replacement.

If you have questions about office injuries and filing for workers’ comp, contact Brunton Law Office for the legal advice you need in the Collinsville, IL Area.

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