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    Are you suffering from injuries that you sustained due to the negligence of others? Be sure to contact your local personal injury lawyer for representation that’s focused on winning compensation for your injuries. In fact, Brunton Law Office provides legal representation for injured peoples in Collinsville, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. As a locally-owned firm, we understand the difficulties associated with suffering major injuries. That’s why we serve the local community with over 50 years of legal experience – to help people in our area recover funds for lost wages, medical bills and more. Contact Brunton Law Office to learn more about your options, today!

  • What Do I Gain by Filing A Claim?

    When you’re injured, it’s not just your physical body that’s affected by the injury. Many times, people who have been injured incur costly bills from medical treatments and even struggle to pay utilities and keep groceries in the fridge because of lost wages. By filing a claim, you’re holding those responsible for your injuries accountable. This means that we may be able pursue financial compensation for:

  • • Past Medical Expenses

    • Future Medical Expenses

  • • Loss of Future Earning Potential

    • Pain  & Suffering

  • Don’t wait; if you think you have a personal injury claim, call Brunton Law Office now.

  • What Injuries Qualify for a Personal Injury Claim?

    We mostly deal with life-altering injuries when it comes to personal injury claims. This could mean a range of things – from permanent disabilities to injuries that keep you from working for months. The nature and severity of your injury will determine if you qualify for compensation and how much you’ll receive. At Brunton, we’re dedicated to the maximum compensation for our clients. Qualifying injuries may include:

  • • Severe Burns

    • Amputations

    • Paraplegia

  • • Quadriplegia

    • Paralysis

    • Spinal Cord Injuries

  • • Back & Neck Injuries

    • Traumatic Brain Injuries

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    At Brunton Law, we proudly provide legal assistance to those in Collinsville, IL and throughout the surrounding Metro-East communities. Additionally, we offer flexible hours and the personalized service that you expect from your attorney. Don’t wait around if you’ve been injured and are struggling to pay bills – call Brunton Law for the help you need!

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