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Car Accidents And Workers Compensation in Alton, IL

car accident
car accident

For some jobs, you are required to drive your car for deliveries or other work-related reasons. This can include jobs such as a delivery person, office worker, and even us lawyers. Sometimes the unknown happens, and you were injured in a car accident while working. Do not fret! Workers Compensation is usually available to all those injured in a car accident if it was work-related. This even goes for those who are in the Alton, IL area!

How Do I Know If My Car Accident Qualifies For Workers Comp?

Does your Alton, IL area car accident qualify for workers compensation? Well, there are ways to tell if you can or can not get it. From a lawyer’s perspective in order to qualify, the accident must happen while you are operating the car during work-related tasks. These would include deliveries, traveling between work locations, sales call, transporting coworkers for work-related purposes, work-related errands, and traveling for work. Those who drive for a living such as truck drivers, and taxi drivers are also eligible for workers comp if they are injured during their working hours.

Now that you know when you can get receive compensation, how do you know what does not qualify? They usually do not qualify during unpaid travel time to and from work, or lunch breaks, and personal breaks. There are however other ways that it is possible to receive compensation. You may be paid for traveling to and from work, you may be running a work errand, or even if the accident happened on the employer’s property. All these have the potential to be covered by workers compensation. Your lawyer will be able to help you determine what can count towards your case.

Lawsuits Against The Other Driver

car accident

Sometimes the accident may be caused by you and that is okay. Make sure you explain everything to your lawyer. You are still eligible for workers compensation as it is a no-fault insurance. But what if the accident was not caused by you? Can you sue the careless Alton, IL area driver?

It is possible in some circumstances where you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver that caused the accident. This is a good option when workers compensation does not cover car damages or pain and suffering. It is also good to know that it is best to file both a worker’s compensation and personal injury claim with a lawyer as both can be difficult to do on your own. We at Brunton Law Office have the best team of lawyers in the Alton, IL area. Make sure if you have any workers compensation-related questions, you come to us!

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