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Can Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim get you Terminated from Your Job in Belleville, IL?

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Getting injured on the job is something that no one wants to have happen to them. Thankfully, workers’ compensation exists in order to help workers pay for their medical expenses and lost wages caused by the injury. Many workers in Belleville, IL fear that filing for worker’s compensation can get them terminated from their job. We want to discuss the laws that the state of Illinois has in place that protects workers from any retaliation after suffering a workplace injury.

Laws Protecting Workers Against Retaliation in Illinois

In Belleville, IL, you can never be fired by your employer for filing for workers’ compensation after suffering a workplace injury. It is illegal for any employer in the state of Illinois to fire an employee for such reasons. This action is known as retaliation and, according to the Illinois Workers Compensation Act (IWCA), it is unlawful. If you find yourself being fired after filing a claim for workers’ compensation, you can sue your employer over a retaliatory discharge. This kind of lawsuit is handled in civil court. If you are not fired but are treated differently by your employer, you could also sue your employer for that as those actions are seen as retaliation. Those other actions can include being verbally abused by your employer, being demoted, or being given fewer desirable shifts among other things.

Proving The Actions Were Retaliation

Workers Compensation Filing

The state of Illinois follows an at-will employment law, where employers can fire their employees for anything reason that isn’t protected by the law. This makes proving the employer’s maltreatment of you for filing for workers’ compensation difficult. An employer will typically fight back against you by claiming your treatment was for other reasons like having poor worker performance or having a bad attitude for example. It is important that you make an official report of your workplace injury as soon as possible. Waiting too long can cause you to get fired without protection. It is also important that if you find yourself being fired from your job after your injury and filing your workers’ compensation claim, be sure you contact your local professional attorney. An attorney will fight their hardest to protect your rights.

Looking for an attorney who can protect your rights to receive workers’ compensation and fight against your employer’s retaliation in Belleville, IL, give our team of expert attorneys over at Brunton Law Offices a call today!

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