• Here’s what happens when your claim is denied

    what to do after a workers' comp claim denial edwardsville ilSo you’ve been injured at work, you’ve notified your employer and filed your claim, and you’ve received notice from your employer that your workers’ compensation claim will be rejected. So, you’re freaking out – you’ve lost money and now had to pay for medical care out of your own pocket. What do you do next? Unfortunately, workers’ comp claims are denied for invalid reasons every day. Fortunately, you’re not without options if this happens to you or someone that you know. Take some time to review the following information about workers’ comp claim denial, and call the staff at Brunton to help you through your own claim!

    Why do claims get denied?

    So, why do claims get denied? You thought you followed all the rules, and you may have even consulted an attorney before filing, so what happened. Well, claims can be denied for a wide variety of things. The workers’ comp process can be difficult and confusing to navigate. Additionally, the specific rules may not be known by every worker, which leaves them vulnerable to making a move that causes their claim denial. Here are just a few of the things that your claim may be denied for:

    What happens next?

    your legal rights regarding workers' comp claim denial edwardsville ilNext, you have a decision to make and some information that you need to find out. First, you need to figure out if your claim was denied for a legal reason. This is important because if the reason for the denial was legal, there’ isn’t much that you can do about it since, legally, you don’t deserve the benefits that you’re applying for. You’ll need to consult a lawyer to find out if what’s being done is lawful.

    What are my legal options?

    If you’ve decided it’s worth pursuing legal options, it’s smart to work with a workers’ comp lawyer that offers years of experience. In the St. Louis Metropolitan area, people turn to Brunton Law Office for experienced representation in workers’ comp claim denial scenarios.

    However, we can’t just start suing for your benefits. Workers’ comp claims are overseen by the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Your legal recourse is to request a hearing with the workers’ comp commission to prove your injuries are eligible for benefits – we can represent you throughout this process.