• What are the most common office injuries for the St. Louis Metro Area?

    May 7, 2019 | Blog
  • Be careful to avoid the following common office injuries

    When people think of workers’ compensation, they typically picture a construction worker or contractor that gets injured during a dangerous job. However, they’d be surprised to find out that most on-the-job injuries actually take place in sedentary workplaces, such as offices, classrooms or even at home. That’s right – even when you take the safe desk, you may not be that safe. With that in mind, we’ve put tog ether a list of the most common office injuries that we see in the St. Louis Metro Area. If you have one of these injuries, contact the professionals at Brunton Law Office for an honest evaluation of your case!

    trip and fall office injuries

    Trip n’ Falls

    No, seriously, one of the most common workplaces injuries is employees simply falling while on the job. Whether it’s tripping over a piece of office equipment or standing on your swivel chair to change a light, the majority of slip and fall injuries in the workplace actually happen in offices, where no manual labor is supposed to be done.

    lifting office injuries

    Lifting Injuries

    We’re not talking about lifting weight here people. The fact of the matter is, almost no heavy lifting is done when you work in an office. To that end, when people who don’t always lift things are required to randomly lift something heavy, the result can be ugly. Poor lifting technique brought on by lack of experience is the culprit for neck and back injuries in offices all over the country!

    overuse office injuries

    Overuse Syndrome

    This is one of the obvious examples, especially for office workers whose jobs typically consist of sitting in front of and typing on a computer for long stretches of the day. This can have adverse affect on the medial nerve, which causes carpal tunnel. Office workers may always develop vision problems, back problems, and more from repeating the same motions, over and over again.

    electrical hazard office injuries

    Electrical Accidents

    This is especially true of offices because of the amount of electrical equipment that many businesses require to do the job. Whether it’s your server room, the computers themselves or even equipment like a printer there’s wires all though the walls and over the floors of your workplace. This provides ample opportunity for electrocution or an electrical fire. Please, be careful.