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Is your insurance carrier denying a legitimate claim that they are contractually obligated to pay? Whether you are facing overwhelming medical bills, major repairs to your home, or the death of a loved one, Brunton Law Offices can help you make your insurance company pay what they owe. Contact us today for a FREE legal consultation!

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We handle all matters related to denied insurance claims, handling cases involving wrongful denials of insurance payments under:


  • Health insurance policies: If you have had an injury or major illness, including cancer, and have sought treatment, we will act as your advocate to get payment for those services, should your insurance provider stall or refuse to pay.

  • Disability insurance contracts: Whether you have private disability insurance or benefits provided through an employer, we will help you recover compensation when you are unable to work because of a disability and your claim for benefits under your policy has been denied.

  • Homeowners' insurance policies: If your home has been a total loss (fire, storm, etc.) or you have other damages that your insurer refuses to cover, we will help you get full and fair compensation for your losses.

  • Life insurance policies: We represent survivors when life insurance claims are denied. We will work directly with your insurance carrier, seeking initially to negotiate a settlement that will get you the compensation to which you are entitled. We will also represent you in litigation against insurance providers alleging fraud, breach of contract and / or bad faith in the denial of legitimate claims, as appropriate.

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